Fitness for people who'd rather eat their food and spend less time in the gym.
Because you shouldn't have to give up your favorite foods or work out every day just to get in amazing shape. Learn how you can get better results in less time & effort with our free* Simplify Your Fitness email course.
* It's better than the stuff people charge for.
The health & fitness industry is broken.
It has made us hate our food, our workouts, and even ourselves. It has also tricked us into thinking that we need to buy a bunch of gadgets, do long exhausting workouts, and eat out of color-coded tupperware just to get lean and strong. 
So here, we do things differently...
We give you practical real-world advice.
Instead of telling you to do fad diets that last only a few days or exhausting workout programs  that take up too much of your time, we're all about practicality so you can get in great shape even if you have a busy lifestyle.
We simplify your fitness, not make it more complicated.
The internet and mainstream media already do a good job of confusing and overwhelming the crap out of you, so instead we'll show you how you can get in the best shape of your life without giving up your favorite foods or working out every day.
We focus on the "Minimal Effective Dose".
As fitness minimalists, we're all about doing the right things, and doing them right. You have a life, so you should spend more time living it — not obsessing about food and your workouts.
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Want to put your diet on autopilot? No Nonsense Fat Loss is a step-by-step guide for busy men & women who want to get in amazing shape by using simple and practical strategies that actually work in the real world.
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Where we share practical fitness advice for busy men & women who want to get better results in less time and effort.
Looking for a simplified training routine and diet plan that actually works? Then check out what we've got to offer.
"Slyvon basically eliminates all the 'filler' and drills down to just the important things you must do every day to look and feel amazing. And he shows you how to do it painlessly, without turning your life into a circus of useless supplements and bland tasting food."
Bryan Krahn, Editor and Fitness Writer
"Von has taken high-level, effective information and made it easy to understand and apply... he gets my highest endorsement as a coach…"
John Romaniello, NYT Bestselling Author
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Hi, I'm Slyvon.
I Help People Simplify Their Fitness.

I'm an online fitness coach and writer — I write about actionable fitness stuff that's actually practical in the real world.

Because the way I see it, you should never have to ditch your favorite foods or spend countless hours in the gym just to get in the best shape of your life.

Outside of fitness, I'm a nomad, foodie, and a self-proclaimed lifehacker (if you ever want to learn how to fly anywhere in the world for $0, shoot me a message ’cause I can show you how).

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